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Monday, October 1, 2012

Drink up!

It is now officially fall. And I absolutely love it! Especially since it now means pumpkin everything- something that my husband is not particularly a fan of. I just received two samples for Click espresso protein drinks and decided I'd try them out this morning. Of course I also found it was necessary to add some pumpkin pie spice and trust me it was *good*! This is my version of a cocktail for an awesome fitness happy hour.

I also wanted to post on here that I am a proud Sweat Pink Ambassador! I absolutely love being a part of a group of fabulous women who focus on inspiring, motivating, and uplifting each other to new fitness and weight loss goals. We share great information and I wanted to give a shout out to several blogs-
Fit Girls

Any other SPA ladies, feel free to link your blog in to my comment sections! Stay tuned for some other fabulous reviews and hopefully giveaways!

Here is a picture of some of my *awesome* Sweat Pink swag! Visit their website to get some of your own-

Thanks for stopping by! & cheers.


  1. Love your blog. I'll add you to my list of daily reads. I'm a new SPA too. I love this group!

    Check out my blog sometime. It's

    Love the title of your blog!

    1. Thanks for checking my blog out- I'll make sure to return the favor! & being an SPA is pretty neat :o)

  2. Hi Jessica, I love the name of your blog...too cute. I am also a new SPA, and look forward to getting acquainted with my new SPA sisters. Check out the blog I share with my daughter:

  3. I'm a fellow SPA as well. Welcome to the world of blogging! Feel free to check out my blog at

  4. So excited to follow your blog...I'm just getting mine up and running as well! Feel free to come visit over at :)

  5. Welcome!!!! :-)