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Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm a winner?!

Hi all! I know that I have been lagging a bit- when my husband has days off (rare!) we tend to isolate and spend some quality family time. He isn't a fan of the constant phone, Facebook, blog, etc. so when he's around I do try to shut off my social media life but boy is it hard! Anyway, we were planning on decorating for Halloween on Friday, going to the pumpkin patch on Saturday, and church on Sunday. Well there was a damper on our plan known as the FIRST SNOW! I was psyched... I absolutely love fall/winter weather so I was extremely excited when it started to snow on Friday. This was the first time our one year old had experienced snow and she loved it. Our dog went bananas too and ended up spending most of the day outside.

So what we did was... Friday- sat inside and watched Halloween themed movies. Saturday- repeat! Sunday- church, a good friend's child birthday party, and the Broncos game. We are postponing the pumpkin patch for this upcoming weekend and I am super excited to grab the wagon and go. Today I couldn't resist any longer (yes, I do know it is October 8th), and I had to put the Halloween decorations up. Now I am just super excited as I wait for our 6.5' Halloween inflatable decoration to arrive in the mail. -->

Now for fitness... Do you love extremely cute work out tanks for the gym? I sure do. Bashful Bliss sells awesome glass tile necklaces with cute sayings and cute phrases on tanks. Go check it out! Like them on Facebook and every Friday they have an opportunity to WIN cute swag! And guess who won this Friday?! ME! I never win anything. I am so excited to receive my new cute necklace and stationary :o).

My lovely Bashful Bliss tanks

Don't forget to drink your water during this dry season... Cheers, everyone!


  1. Unfortunately we don't have a dry season here in Florida ;) I need to behave more without my phone when hanging out with the hubby - I'll take a page from your book :)

    1. I don't think I could live without a winter season and in fact I couldn't when we lived in San Diego last year so maybe that's why we are back in Colorado :) & setting the phone down is definitely a hard one so maybe I should wish us both the best of luck with that one :)